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Letter: Democrats continue to promote socialism

Democrats continue to promote socialism

Based upon recent letters praising Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s promises, some readers are drooling over the chance of “free stuff coming.” They either never graduated from high school or are excellent reasons why we should do away with Common Core and get back to the basics. In short, they are totally ignorant to what some words mean that are being used.

The definition of socialism, according to Webster, is: “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.” Socialism is the “means” to communism, which is the “end.” There is no private ownership in a socialistic society. A person’s entire way of life is directed by and completely controlled by the government.

“Democratic,” in its original meaning, refers to unlimited majority rule, “which means the elected majority rules with only the rules they make up with no individual rights unless the majority grants them.” There is no Bill of Rights and no Constitution.

America is not a democratic nor is it a socialist society; it is a constitutional republic!

That being said, Sanders is an admitted socialist. Clinton has said, “I will continue the policies of President Obama,” which makes her a socialist. Trump is a constitutional Republican.

J. Gary DiLaura

Niagara Falls