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Voices of the Voters: Who your fellow New Yorkers are supporting

Buffalo News reporters and photographers are stationed across the state, finding out who New Yorkers are voting for in today's presidential primaries ... and why. Here are their stories.

Clinton's record with the poor inspires nun's faith

Sister Mary Josanne Buszek, a Democrat, says Sen. Bernie Sanders has unrealistic expectations about what he could accomplish as president.

Sister Mary Josanne Buszek, a Democrat, says Sen. Bernie Sanders has unrealistic expectations about what he could accomplish as president. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Sister Mary Josanne Buszek, from St. Stanislaus Parish, has been a nun for almost 66 years. She has been an elementary school teacher and social worker, she opened the Catholic Diocese’s Office for the Disabled in 1980, and she still visits sick people from her parish in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice.

She’s devoted her life to the poor, the young, the sick and the needy.

That’s why she voted for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday inside the Broadway Market.

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East Side activist was skeptical of pie in the sky

Democrat Murray Holman, talking during breakfast Tuesday at the Broadway Market, voted for Hillary Clinton. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Democrat Murray Holman. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Murray Holman likes it on the front lines, as an East Side community activist and chairman of the Stop the Violence Coalition. And that’s where he was, literally, participating in the truest sense of democracy Monday evening outside First Niagara Center.

Holman, 52, served as one of the peacekeepers outside the Donald Trump rally.

That’s why Holman, unlike most voters, has liked this year’s election campaign. Nobody ever said democracy wasn’t going to be noisy.

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In Colonie, a solid vote for Trump

COLONIE – Josephine Hermann, an 87-year-old retired state worker, shook her head when asked about Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I got sick of them,” said Hermann after voting Tuesday at a community center in this large Albany suburb.

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In search of someone ‘different,’ Corning man chooses Kasich

Richard and Joan Quigley voted for John Kasich in the Republican presidential primary at the United Steelworkers Local 1000 Union Hall in Corning on April 19.

Richard and Joan Quigley voted for John Kasich. (John Hickey/Buffalo News)

CORNING – Richard Quigley thinks a lot of people will change their minds about Donald Trump – after the convention.

The retired pharmacist voted for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, as did his wife, Joan, in the Republican primary Tuesday.

“If you vote for Trump, it’s just like handing it to Hillary. And that can’t be helped. And people will see at the last minute if they vote for Trump, it’s going to be putting Hillary in,” he said outside Local 1000, United Steel Workers Hall off Chemung Street.

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Lifelong New Yorker believes Clinton was the pragmatic choice

Nancy Halpern, a resident of Manhattan and lifetime New Yorker, voted for Hillary Clinton in the New York primary elections.

Nancy Halpern sees Sen. Bernie Sanders as more of an idealist than a leader.

NEW YORK – Nancy Halpern, 58, is a lifelong New Yorker, a longtime Democrat and, for many years, a Hillary Clinton supporter.

She wept when it became clear in 2008 that Barack Obama, not Clinton, would be the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee.

Still, this year was different. Halpern’s 21-year-old son, a political science major at Carleton College in Minnesota, is a huge supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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In Flushing, settling for Kasich as ‘better than Trump’

Tonawanda native Alexis Greenauer, a sophomore at St. John's University in Flushing, is pro-choice but a fiscal conservative.

Tonawanda native Alexis Greenauer, a sophomore at St. John's University in Flushing, is pro-choice but a fiscal conservative.

FLUSHING — Alexis Greenauer had just pulled a near-all-nighter, writing a philosophy paper expressing her pro-choice views in a tidy 10 pages. Now she was dressed neatly in a dark blazer and white-and-blue striped blouse, ready for a mock interview in another class at St. John’s University.

But that admittedly socially liberal response to a class assignment wasn’t the only paperwork, if you will, that crossed the 19-year-old sophomore’s fingertips in the last several days.

Greenauer, a native of Tonawanda, also filled out an absentee ballot giving her vote in the Republican primary to Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

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In Corning toss-up, a feminist comes down on the side of Clinton

Karen Biesanz voted for Hillary in the Democratic presidential primary at the United Steelworkers Local 1000 Union Hall in Corning on April 19. (John Hickey/Buffalo News)

Karen Biesanz voted at the United Steelworkers Local 1000 Union Hall in Corning. (John Hickey/Buffalo News)

CORNING – It was a tough decision for Karen Biesanz to fill in the ballot for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.

“It was a toss-up to the bitter end,” she said outside Local 1000 United Steelworkers Hall off Buffalo Street.

“I was excited when she ran in the first place,” said the retired sociology teacher at Corning Community College and former probation officer.

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In Troy, choosing Hillary was ‘for better or worse’

Paul Kuteesa.

Paul Kuteesa.

TROY – Democrat Paul Kuteesa gave more reasons why he could not vote for Bernie Sanders than he did why he sided with Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s primary.

“This was kind of an odd year because I’m not necessarily an enthusiastic voter in terms of the candidates, but I had to choose one,” he said after casting his vote in the Democratic primary at a city-owned skating rink facility on Troy’s northern end. “And given who the Republicans have put up, I felt as if I really had to vote.”

Kuteesa, 40, a state employee, said he is a lifelong Democrat but that he considers himself more-or-less independent. He said he followed Sanders’ career in the Senate, but the Vermont senator could not close the deal with him.

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In Syracuse, Clinton’s experience resonates

Sondria Dillon-Eure

Sondria Dillon-Eure

SYRACUSE – As a steady stream of voters filed in and out of a polling place Tuesday in a building on Syracuse’s East Side that houses an educational nonprofit, Sondria Dillon-Eure rose to the defense of her favored candidate in the Democratic primary.

“Hillary Clinton has been a woman that’s been on the front lines. She’s also someone that I think has been treated so unfairly,” Dillon-Eure said outside the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, which helps students in the Syracuse school district graduate and also has a program in Buffalo. “I don’t know how everybody gets the idea that this woman is a crook. I think if you repeat a lie long enough, people will believe you, and I think that’s what’s happened to her. I mean, she’s being made to pay for the sins of her husband, of Wall Street, of everybody. How can one woman carry all that burden?”

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Old-school conservatism draws veteran to Ted Cruz

Republican Donald Frank voting for Ted Cruz today at Cheektowaga Senior Center on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Republican Donald Frank. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Donald E. Frank is old-school, an Army veteran from the Korean War era, a strong conservative and a true fan of the U.S. Constitution.

That’s why he’s voting for Ted Cruz.

“I’m looking for a candidate that will go back to the old days,” he said Tuesday, after voting in the Cheektowaga Senior Center on Broadway. “Everything was simple. We were a lot safer. We didn’t have to lock our doors. Everyone knew their neighbors. Today you’re lucky if you know who lives next to you."

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In Troy, Sanders message strikes a chord

TROY – Matt Young voted for Bernie Sanders Tuesday, but says he hopes there can be some trickling of the Sanders’ outreach to disenfranchised voters to other levels of government.

“I’d like to see this amount of energy in the younger electorate continue to carry forward, particularly in local elections and the House and Senate. I believe that’s actually where the real change needs to happen. “I’d love to see a candidate like Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office … but he’s not the only one who can do this,” said Young, 35, an operations manager for a private company in this small city along the Hudson River.

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In Syracuse suburb, economic worries prompt vote for Trump

Jerry Wojcik

Jerry Wojcik

TOWN OF SALINA – Jerry Wojcik has seen the decline of manufacturing in Central New York first hand.

His father worked at the Miller Brewing Co. plant in Oswego County, north of Syracuse, which closed in 1994. His father-in-law worked at the sprawling New Process Gear auto parts plant in the Syracuse suburb of DeWitt that closed in 2012. And his neighbor across the street was laid off last week from his job as a tool-and-die maker at a factory whose owner is closing up shop and moving the work to Mexico. He’s in his 60s.

“There’s nothing for him to do. It’s a shame,” said Wojcik, 47, a manager for a retail rent-to-own company in the Syracuse area. He spoke after voting for Donald Trump on Tuesday at a polling place in a Holiday Inn in the suburb of Salina.

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