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Voices of the Voters: Lifelong New Yorker believes Clinton was the pragmatic choice

NEW YORK – Nancy Halpern, 58, is a lifelong New Yorker, a longtime Democrat and, for many years, a Hillary Clinton supporter.

She wept when it became clear in 2008 that Barack Obama, not Clinton, would be the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee.

Still, this year was different. Halpern’s 21-year-old son, a political science major at Carleton College in Minnesota, is a huge Bernie Sanders supporter.

“I love and respect my son,” said Halpern, who started listening to what Sanders had to say.

“A lot of what he says is appealing emotionally,” she said on Tuesday at 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue, not far from the Museum of Modern Art. “We do need significant reform in finance, and we do need to get things done.”

But as she continued to listen, Halpern – who has an MBA from Yale University and runs her own executive development consulting firm in Manhattan – began seeing Sanders as more of an idealist than a leader who can work with others to get things done.

Clinton, Halpern said, has the experience at multiple levels, a proven track record and the ability to work with others to get things done.

Clinton has devoted her career to public service, Halpern said. “She has fought for things I believe in.”

So while Halpern is voting to make Clinton the nation’s first woman president, that’s not why Clinton is getting her vote, she said.

“It’s not because she is a woman; it’s because she is the woman,” Halpern said.