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Voices of the Voters: In Syracuse, Clinton’s experience resonates

SYRACUSE – As a steady stream of voters filed in and out of a polling place Tuesday in a building on Syracuse’s East Side that houses an educational nonprofit, Sondria Dillon-Eure rose to the defense of her favored candidate in the Democratic primary.

“Hillary Clinton has been a woman that’s been on the front lines. She’s also someone that I think has been treated so unfairly,” Dillon-Eure said outside the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, which helps students in the Syracuse school district graduate and also has a program in Buffalo. “I don’t know how everybody gets the idea that this woman is a crook. I think if you repeat a lie long enough, people will believe you, and I think that’s what’s happened to her. I mean, she’s being made to pay for the sins of her husband, of Wall Street, of everybody. How can one woman carry all that burden?”

Dillon-Eure, a retired financial broker who lives in the nearby Scottholm section of the city, said she also believes Clinton is the most practical candidate, and she won’t promise voters something if it can’t be delivered after Inauguration Day. The young voters who are drawn to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are, rightly, idealistic, Dillon-Eure said, wrapping her shawl tight against a cool April breeze.

“You expect young people to dream big. They’re supposed to. But Bernie’s fulfilling his dream. He’s not fulfilling their dreams. Because once he gets in that office, it’s a totally different thing,” said Dillon-Eure, who always votes in primary elections.