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Voices of the Voters: Clinton’s record with the poor inspires nun’s faith

Sister Mary Josanne Buszek, from St. Stanislaus Parish, has been a nun for almost 66 years. She has been an elementary school teacher and social worker, she opened the Catholic Diocese’s Office for the Disabled in 1980, and she still visits sick people from her parish in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice.

She’s devoted her life to the poor, the young, the sick and the needy.

That’s why she voted for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday inside the Broadway Market.

“I don’t like the part about abortion, but she did a heck of a lot as senator for New York and for the poor,” she said. And she’s drawn to Clinton by Clinton’s “helping the poor and paying attention to the needs of the people, regardless of race, color or faith.”

She’s not as fond of Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying that he’s not as experienced or knowledgeable about the issues.

“He’s talking big, but he thinks because he’s president he could do all these things he’s talking about,” she replied. “No way. He’s got Congress and other people he has to listen to. It’s not [true] that what the president says goes.”

Sister Mary Josanne decried Donald Trump’s style, especially all his insults, his disrespect for women and his failure to discuss what she called the real issues.

When asked about the tone and demeanor of the primary campaign, she shook her head. There was too much fighting among the candidates, not enough intelligent discussion of the issues and little respect throughout the process.

“It’s a disgrace, not having the proper etiquette when you’re going for such a precious, responsible position.”