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Voice of the Voters: Looking to restore democracy in Queens

NEW YORK - Dave Bobb is voting for Bernie Sanders.

It’s a decision the 37-year-old Queens resident takes very seriously.

When asked what he likes about Sanders, Bobb took some time to collect his thoughts, then said: “There’s been no correlation between public policy over the past 20 years and the will of the people.”

Bobb said he read about a Princeton University study containing findings. He believes it’s true.

“The only public policy enacted is from lobbyists for corporations,” he said. “So we are no longer functioning as a democracy.”

Instead, he said, the United States has become a functional plutocracy - a country governed by the wealthy.

Robb thinks Sanders is the only candidate in the current group willing and capable of working to restore democracy to America.

“He has no vested interest in corporations,” Bobb said of Sanders. “He’s not part of the establishment. He’s not beholden to the money linked to corporations that finance campaigns. So he can represent the people, which he has done as mayor, congressperson and senator,” Bobb said.