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Voice of the Voters: In Troy, Sanders message strikes a chord

TROY – Matt Young voted for Bernie Sanders Tuesday, but says he hopes there can be some trickling of the Sanders’ outreach to disenfranchised voters to other levels of government.

“I’d like to see this amount of energy in the younger electorate continue to carry forward, particularly in local elections and the House and Senate. I believe that’s actually where the real change needs to happen. “I’d love to see a candidate like Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office … but he’s not the only one who can do this,” said Young, 35, an operations manager for a private company in this small city along the Hudson River.

Young said he voted for Sanders over Hillary Clinton “because he has the interests of the most people at heart. I believe he wants to bring more of a balance back to American politics in which everyone is having their voices heard as opposed to a smaller percentage of the American populace.”

Among the issues that made him side with Sanders is the senator’s call for universal health coverage, reducing the impact of money on campaigns and “a better foreign policy and having us out of unnecessary wars.”

Young did not say he would definitely vote for Clinton if she is the party’s nominee in the general election. If not a Democrat, he said, he would support the Green Party’s candidate.

Young said he is worried about the rhetoric on the Republican side on issues from civil liberties and abortion to gender identification. “I find it deplorable the way they’re talking about some of these people who are our neighbors. We’re all citizens and they’re talking like we’re not all citizens,” he said.