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Voice of the Voters: In Flushing, settling for Kasich as ‘better than Trump’

FLUSHING — Alexis Greenauer had just pulled a near-all-nighter, writing a philosophy paper expressing her pro-choice views in a tidy 10 pages. Now she was dressed neatly in a dark blazer and white-and-blue striped blouse, ready for a mock interview in another class at St. John’s University.

But that admittedly socially liberal response to a class assignment wasn’t the only paperwork, if you will, that crossed the 19-year-old sophomore’s fingertips in the last several days.

Greenauer, a native of Tonawanda, also filled out an absentee ballot giving her vote in the Republican primary to Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“Being in New York City, it’s hard to be a conservative, especially a young conservative,” she said. “Because everyone feels the Bern, and I’m not about the Bern.”

Liberal as her social views are, Greenauer is a fan of trickle-down economics. She loves talking Reaganomics. She recoils at the thought of a $15 minimum age (“McDonald’s will lay off people or have nobody at the cash registers”) and though she’s not rich, recoils at levying high taxes on people who are.

“If you are going to keep taxing the rich, no one is going to want to get successful anymore, because what’s the point?” she said. “You’re going to get super-rich and then you’re going to pay all that money back.”

So why Kasich?

To start, he’s not Donald Trump.

“I’m not 100-percent for Kasich,” she said. “It’s more of a ‘Who’s better than Donald Trump?’-type thing. A lot of things Trump says make me nervous. I don’t believe that anyone is better than anyone else. When I hear that type of attitude, I think that’s what gives Republicans – especially young conservatives – a bad name.”

And he’s not Ted Cruz, whom Greenauer says made a “stupid” choice to target voters by scoffing at New York values and is coming across as a “dorky dad” as he tries to wield verbal body slams on Trump.

“Kasich sticks to his views, he keeps it the way it is and he’s not going to play Trump’s game,” she said. “No one is better at that game than Donald Trump, so you’re always going to lose. You’re better off being true to yourself.