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Power Take: At rally, Ryan and Trump were great comedic duo

Sports and politics make for a dangerous mix, which explains why the Bills released a statement making it clear Rex Ryan wasn’t representing the organization when he introduced Donald Trump during his rally in Buffalo. But you must admit that Rex and the Donald formed a great comedy team.

Which one was the politician? That would be Rex, who made numerous false promises while stirring the masses on his campaign trail after the Bills named him their head coach. And which one of the two prodigious boors put a bigger foot in his mouth? That would be R-r-r-e…

OK, it was Trump, who when not praising the heroes at 7-Eleven claimed Rex won two titles in New York. Trump may not know football, but you would hope he knew New York. It was fitting that Rex praised Trump for saying what’s on his mind moments before Trump’s mind went blank.

Of all the people Trump figured would add to his credibility in Buffalo, he chose … Rex Ryan? Trump called Ryan a “great, great football coach” while ignoring a sub-.500 record for his career. If you can’t rile the masses, you might as well humor them. It’s only politics, right?

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