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Letter: More resources needed to fight opiate addiction

More resources needed to fight opiate addiction

After several years and literally hundreds of deaths in our community, the crisis of opiate addiction is finally gaining recognition along with the recognition that we need more resources for intervention and recovery.

At a breakfast gathering at the New York Athletic Club, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, Bill Mulrow, told attendees that one of the governor’s four priorities for the remainder of the legislative session is the “huge problem” of opiate addiction. Now is the time for commitment and action on this priority. As a treatment provider, on the front lines of this crisis, I am aware of the fear, stigma, pain and heartache involved for individuals who are suffering from opioid addiction and their loved ones. Active addiction ruins lives. Active addiction ends lives. There is hope for recovery through education, prevention, treatment and continued support. The commitment of our leaders to add to our community resources is essential if we are going to make progress against this deadly epidemic.

It is my hope that the governor and the Legislature will make the tough decisions necessary to assist community-based solutions to this epidemic. Cuomo’s leadership on this issue will absolutely save lives.

Anne Constantino

President and CEO

Health Management Group