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Skylar Borgstrom probes the power of media in ‘Mockingbird’

Skylar Borgstrom is an artist sprung from a generation with a palpable paranoid attitude toward American consumerist culture.

In her new exhibit, “Mockingbird,” now showing in the BOX Gallery (667 Main St. inside Hostel Buffalo-Niagara), Borgstrom seeks to exploit internal tensions toward a society she believes to be too focused on media advertisement and the feminist eye that gazes on it. The goal of Skylar’s exhibit, according to a press release, is to “understand the power of media and those who generate it subtly create and manipulate the ways in which we see each other, our society, and ourselves.” She will focus on Gloria Steinem, a leading figure in the feminist movement, to explore how CIA propaganda has quite possibly manipulated feminist agenda.

Borgstrom is an MFA candidate at the University at Buffalo, migrating south after receiving degrees from several universities in Alberta, Canada. Her work extends a wide range of artistic mediums such as sculpture, silkscreen, installation and painting, all of which will be utilized in “Mockingbird.”

The title, “Mockingbird,” is a direct reference to the CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird,” which is the third of the CIA’s yearly budget put toward producing covert propaganda.

The exhibit continues through April 30. For info, call 852-5222.

– Reuben Wolf