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Letter: Young people waking up, challenging the old guard

Young people waking up, challenging the old guard

If people don’t like Bernie Sanders, fine. But realize this is about more than Sanders. It’s about young people asking what they get from their government besides military spending at least equal to the next nine countries combined. It’s about people questioning why, unlike in every single industrialized nation on earth, some people die because they can’t afford health care, or might lose everything because they become ill.

Young people are asking why they must go into crippling debt to get an education – even though it will hinder economic growth when they are older, and all the old power brokers are dead – when in some other countries (Cuba, anyone?) you can even go to medical school for free.

It really is a revolution, people. And the billionaires and the old guard are going to lose eventually. It’s only a matter of time.

Gary Waldman

West Valley