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Letter: Most voters believe Sanders is more honest than Clinton

Most voters believe Sanders is more honest than Clinton

The Another Voice column “Sanders has too many liabilities to win in November” advocates for choosing Hillary Clinton as the less flawed candidate. The writer worries that in a general election, Republicans might paint Bernie Sanders as a conscientious objector/pacifist, not fit to be commander in chief. “He may be portrayed as an atheist or something close.” He might even be labeled a socialist.

This writer envisions a much smarter voter. The Wisconsin primary exit polls paint a compelling picture of Sanders. According to an ABC News analysis, more people picked Sanders than Clinton to beat Donald Trump in November.

Nearly 90 percent of Wisconsin Democratic primary voters identified Sanders as honest and trustworthy, while 58 percent felt the same about Clinton. More than twice as many people said they were excited about what Sanders would do in office, compared with those excited about what Clinton would do.

Enthusiastic and informed voters propelled Sanders to wins in the last six of seven primaries and caucuses, five of which were landslide victories.

Universal health care and tuition-free college can transform our lives. Let’s join together, and work together, to accomplish these worthy goals.

Marty J. Walters