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Letter: Uniform voting process would benefit our nation

Uniform voting process would benefit our nation

As are many others around the country, my wife and I are becoming increasingly confused and angry over the excessively convoluted primary system in this country. Some states have primaries, others have caucuses, while still others have conventions to choose the delegates to the national conventions. Some states with primary voting are winner take all, some are proportional. And it varies between the Republicans and Democrats.

Some states allow open voting in the primary, some require the voter to be registered to that party and, on top of that, some states let the voter change affiliation literally at the polling place, while others require the voter to register months in advance. And don’t even get me started on the issue of superdelegates. What is that all about?

Now we have candidates complaining that in one state, where they didn’t get any delegates, the system is rigged, but in another state, where they got all the delegates with only a plurality of votes, that’s OK.

I understand that election laws are generally left to the individual states, but I believe the time has come to look long and hard at making the whole process more uniform nationwide. I strongly feel that the current confusing processes disenfranchise and discourage many more voters than does requiring a voter ID.

Philip Kaczmarek