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Letter: Planners need to reject tower on Outer Harbor

Planners need to reject tower on Outer Harbor

A tower on the Outer Harbor? Not so fast, Buffalo! Such a tower would have to pound piles 100 feet deep through Lake Erie sand to reach bedrock, as happened with the now-empty One Seneca Tower.

Such a tower would have to withstand the witchy winds of Lake Erie as well as powerful lake-effect storms.

Such a tower’s construction would disturb the deeply polluted brownfield of its site, thereby endangering all forms of life, including human, with dust and debris.

Such a tower would create demand for city funds to construct and maintain supporting infrastructure (utility lines, water and sewer, roads), stressing the city’s budget forever.

And the immediate financial benefit accrues to the builder, who can walk away with his profits while the city and region ponders, “was this the right thing to do?”

Many of us travel and see what happens to waterfronts that allow towering apartment/hotel buildings. The waterfront is walled off, with occasional alleys that allow the public to walk over to the water’s edge. These places are everywhere, and are an affront to the visiting and local public looking for respite by the water.

In contrast, Buffalo’s waterfront is still open to the public, at Canalside and in the Outer Harbor. This is unique space, a waterfront treasure available to everyone and it must be protected for the public, not exploited for private gain.

Gladys Gifford