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Letter: City needs to relocate the Broadway Market

City needs to relocate the Broadway Market

The Broadway Market is a corpse. It will never drive revitalization of its neighborhood, nor will it ever return to its past glory in its present location. While it is nostalgic to see many visitors in the weeks before Easter, thriving only two or three weeks a year is not a viable business plan for all involved, including the City of Buffalo, which subsidizes the operating costs.

Resources would be better utilized by relocating and reincarnating the market to the site of the city garage on Broadway closer to downtown. This site is on the edge of downtown where many people work and also in the proximity of new downtown housing that continues to be developed, while still being accessible to people in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

A public market is a true asset to the city, but it must be located where it can attract both vendors and customers to be truly successful. Broadway is definitely a street with a lot of potential. It is wide, has property available for development and runs from downtown to the Village of Alden.

Sal DiNatale

East Amherst