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It seems to us: Rules trump pair of Trumps, primaries boost our culinary delights and UB’s ID

It’s ironic that two of Donald Trump’s children, Ivanka and Eric, the hardest campaigners of his offspring, are stuck on the sidelines for Tuesday’s New York primary.

Blame the state’s onerous election law, as described this week by News Washington columnist Douglas Turner. New York has one of the earliest deadlines for changing parties of the 11 states with a closed primary system.

It set the disenfranchising clock for Tuesday’s primaries to Oct. 9, 2015. If you recently changed affiliations thinking you could back your candidate, forget about it. You should have consulted your political crystal ball six months ago. Now you’re outta luck – just like Trump’s kids.

No one can say that some of Buffalo’s culinary institutions aren’t getting their moment in the sun, courtesy of a contentious presidential primary season.

In rapid succession, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Ted Cruz found something they agree on: Charlie the Butcher, where both dined during separate campaign stops. Meanwhile, Chuck Todd, moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” came to Buffalo for a town hall meeting with Cruz and set up shop in the Anchor Bar, where Mayor Byron W. Brown was among his morning guests. Democrat Bernie Sanders did not make his food druthers known.

That leaves Donald Trump, due here for a rally on Monday, to declare his preference on just about the only subject on which he hasn’t expressed one or more opinions: Will it be wings or weck?

UB is mired in an identity crisis. Some outsiders apparently were mystified by the UB nickname, so we also had the State University of New York, Buffalo, and SUNY Buffalo. Unhappy with those names, the now-departed out-of-towner brought in to be athletic director decided to add to the confusion by calling the teams the New York Bulls. Adding to the problem is the separate institution officially known as SUNY Buffalo State, leading some prospective students to apply to the wrong place. Yikes.

The confusion has come to an end, officially, at least. UB President Satish K. Tripathi has announced a new “identity and brand strategy.” Part of that effort includes the single official name: the “University at Buffalo.”

Clarity, at last.