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Ted Cruz endorses "Charlie's Butcher Shop" on "Tonight Show"; Todd endorses "Anchor Bar" wings

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz gave his endorsement to “Charlie the Butcher” on Thursday night’s edition of the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Cruz misnamed the popular establishment at the corner of South Cayuga Road and Wehrle Drive best known for its beef on weck, but it is doubtful that Charlie will complain.

After all, he got a priceless amount of free advertising.

Cruz, who is from Texas and should know his beef, mentioned “Charlie’s Butcher Shop” twice in the interview with Fallon in which he displayed his humorous side.

Asked by Fallon where he had the best food on his campaign, Cruz said, “listen, the beef sandwich I had today at Charlie’s Butcher Shop. If you are in Buffalo, go visit Charlie’s.”

Sounds like a pretty good ad campaign.

"Charlie the Butcher," which is on the way to the Buffalo airport, has been a frequent stop of national politicians over the years with several pictures of them on the wall at the restaurant.

Thursday also was a good day for the "Anchor Bar" as Chuck Todd did his daily MSNBC afternoon program, "Meet the Press Daily," from the Main Street establishment known for its chicken wings.

At the start of the program, Todd displayed a plate of chicken wings and said there was some debate over where they were invented.

"Guess what, we're sticking with this one right here," said Todd. "And the wings are truly as good as advertised."

Many Western New Yorkers might have been shaking their heads over the idea there is a dispute over where they were invented since the dispute has been so minor and it is widely accepted that they were invented at the Anchor Bar.

However, there is a more serious debate over which place in WNY has the best wings now.

Ratings Time: Cruz's Town Hall with Todd, which aired at 8 p.m. after being recorded during the day, had a 1.1 local rating on cable's MSNBC. Todd's "MTP Live" on MSNBC at 5 p.m. from the Anchor Bar had a 0.3 local rating. "The Tonight Show" that featured Cruz had a 3.7 rating on Channel 2. And the so-called Brawl in Brooklyn in which Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a spirited debate had a 4.1 rating on CNN.

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