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Letter: Voters should not be fooled by the Clintons

Voters should not be fooled by the Clintons

When former President Bill Clinton came to Western New York to campaign for his wife, Hillary, The News reported: “Clinton also spoke as if he thought Western New Yorkers owed Hillary Clinton their votes, given all that she did for them as the senator from New York.” He credited his wife with saving the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station from closing in 2005, with not a word about how the rest of the local congressional delegation and senior Sen. Charles Schumer had played key roles, too.

Clinton credits his wife with seemingly single-handedly bringing millions of dollars of federal money for the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, again never mentioning the tireless efforts that the local delegation and Schumer played in the project. Yes, sir, she did it all on her own.

Her campaign is clinging to the hope that voters here will ignore her real record of accomplishments and forget her history of being less than honest, playing fast and loose with the truth. On April 19, voters will have a choice of who will put their interests first and foremost if elected president or one who has personally profited from relationships with special interests who have made her and her husband multimillionaires hoping to game the system. Choose wisely; our children’s futures are at stake.

Ed Gentner