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Letter: Trump fails to grasp rules of shady game

Trump fails to grasp rules of shady game

It is fascinating to watch both the education of Donald Trump in his quest for the presidency and the disintegration of the Republican Party as we know it. Trump should be running away with his party’s nomination by now, but is being cleverly outmaneuvered by the operatives of his opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz. Clearly Trump has failed to grasp the rules of the game and the way presidential primaries work. To be outflanked by Cruz, one wonders how Trump would fare on the world stage against the likes of Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping.

I thought Trump was smarter than this and would have surrounded himself with people who know what they are doing. It reminds me of when President Jimmy Carter came to Washington, bringing his closest confidants from his home state of Georgia. Those “country bumpkins” and “hayseeds,” as they were derisively described, were soon devoured by the Washington insiders. The naive Carter didn’t stand a chance.

The one certain good thing that is coming from Trump’s try for the White House is his raising awareness of the ugly truth of corruption that exists within upper levels of government and the political process. Citizens should be enraged and take action to change the system. For this I do thank Trump.

Daniel Glowacki