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Letter: Protecting her child is a mother’s top priority

Protecting her child is a mother’s top priority

We are all witness to a very disturbing sign of the times – the omnipresent occurrence of child abuse. Each story conveys and confirms that our most innocent are easy targets for the evil among us.

As was reported in The News, a 2-year-old Kansas boy almost suffocated after his mother’s boyfriend allegedly put an octopus into his mouth. It is still unclear if the boy has suffered brain damage.

Once again, the commonality here is a mother leaving her child in the care of her boyfriend. A mother, the one who brings life into this world, has the inescapable duty to protect and defend her child. To do less makes her complicit in every possible way.

To all concerned, be cognizant of foretelling signs and know the moral fiber of the person to whom you entrust your child.

Elizabeth D. Sikorski

West Seneca