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Letter: New York State has to stop infringing on voters’ rights

New York State has to stop infringing on voters’ rights

I count myself among the millions mentioned by Douglas Turner in his excellent column in the April 11 News. New York’s political system still goes out of its way to make life difficult for anyone who is not amongst the anointed. The crazy voter registration system is a prime example of the control that the entrenched politicians hold over the average person trying to do his civic duty in choosing a candidate and voting his or her conscience.

For years, I was excluded from voting in primary elections because I had registered as an independent voter. This was done to protest and protect my personal choices of voting a person’s record, not his or her party. In October 2015, I changed my voter registration to Conservative, thinking that now at last I could become a full citizen and get to exercise my constitutional rights and vote in the April primaries. Guess what? I missed the deadline by a few days. As mentioned in Turner’s article, New York is the only state with this timeline.

If Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his other two men in a room can pass legislation to take away our Second Amendment rights in the middle of the night, they may want to consider passing another piece of legislation returning our voting rights.

Paul J. Ziolkowski