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Letter: Angry Clarence resident should compare expenses

Angry Clarence resident should compare expenses

A recent letter writer should do his homework before he bashes the taxes in Clarence. Information is available at to compare expenses throughout Erie County.

The school tax rate is $17.03 in Lancaster and $14.34 in Clarence. It’s a bargain for Clarence residents to send their kids to schools ranking among the top three in Western New York. Thank the teachers for that. As for the superintendent’s raise, Geoffrey Hicks earned it. He is the first person at work every morning, and the last person to leave at night. I know this from experience; I worked for him at Sweet Home.

When the writer makes his move to Florida, he should understand that his taxes will be lower, but he will live in a gated community with homeowners association dues ranging from $300 to $700 per month, and special assessments that he will be required to pay. It will cost him $1,600 per year to insure his car, and over $400 to register it the first year.

He should also compare the crime statistics of his current residence to that Florida retirement home. It’s an eye-opener. He overlooks the fact that he lives in one of the safest communities in the area that supports no local police force. Calls for assistance in Clarence are routinely answered by the Erie County Sheriff’s Department (supported by county taxpayers), and not town police departments like the one my taxes pay for in Lancaster.

After I read his letter, I checked the date on the newspaper. I thought it was part of an April Fool’s Day column. Then I realized that the joke was on him.

Carolyn Gierke