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Power Take: ’96 Bulls still reign supreme

The Golden State Warriors now own one of basketball’s great records by going 73-9 and eclipsing the Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 mark of 1996. Sorry, but they would not beat the ’96 Bulls.

The Bulls are the more physical team and would win playing 1990s rules. Fine. Let’s play 2016 rules. The Bulls still have an edge. What, Michael Jordan wouldn’t be the best defender on the floor without hand-checking? The Bulls’ two best players (MJ and Scottie Pippen) are greater than the Warriors’ two best players (Steph Curry and Draymond Green). The Warriors have one of the most versatile defenses ever, with four guys who can guard four positions. The Bulls have the same, only better, with Jordan, Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Ron Harper. Yes, the Bulls would have to worry about trading twos on O for threes on D. But the Chicago O would be just fine, with MJ and Pippen running the open court with less physical opposition. Imagine how much MJ would get to the line today. And no Warrior matches MJ’s fire. The NBA is more fun to watch today than in the ’90s. The Warriors are great. But beat ’96 Bulls? Can’t touch that.