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Letter: Sanders’ viewpoints are the reason he’s so popular

Sanders’ viewpoints are the reason he’s so popular

I write in response to Robert S. Berger’s claims in Another Voice that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ views on pacifism, atheism and socialism preclude his winning the election in November.

How many pictures and stories of maimed and emotionally scarred veterans and civilians do we have to absorb before we admit that war is bad and, more often than not, futile? Is it not a fact that the countries we fought against in World War II have now become our trading partners and our allies? Is it so wrong to be a pacifist who refrains from rushing into every global conflict just because it is deemed advantageous?

Is it not time in this 21st century for the peoples of the world to realize that the label of “atheist” is not something to be feared? It means only that the person who wears it does not choose to introduce the supernatural into explaining his existence, but chooses instead to be respectful and in awe of the wonders of the natural world. Neither belief ensures that its holders will be kind, or compassionate, or just. Both believers in God the father or in nature the mother can have these qualities, or they can be as mean, or as petty, or as merciless as their hearts permit.

Socialism is defined as using taxpayer funds for the benefit of society as a whole. Do we not already see this in our programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and disability insurance?

How about in OSHA, which protects our workplaces, or in the EPA, which protects our environment, or in the CDC, which combats diseases? Is the fear we have of the word “socialism” rational, or is it evidence of our being gullible to propaganda put forth by those who make great gains by privatizing as much as possible?

I am willing to give Sanders a chance in hopes that his ideas will help us move forward in this ever-changing world.

Dorothy K. Bock