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Letter: How many Americans are in Panama Papers?

How many Americans are in Panama Papers?

The release of the Panama Papers leaves U.S. citizens waiting for their tax-evading corporate, financial and political leaders to be exposed. Most of the names in headlines are American foes. These documents have just leaked and there is much to sift through; but so far the articles vilify the usual international suspects and smack of Western propaganda against those we already distrust in Russia, China and the Middle East.

Yes, Britain and Iceland’s two leading statesmen have been mentioned, but that is not enough. Work needs to be done to scrutinize any wealthy Americans who grace the list. We cannot assume that all of the richest people in this nation keep their money here to be taxed and scrutinized. We cannot be that naïve.

Now we wait for the media to release the names of more individuals and corporations. Any Americans who dodge tax laws must have their names thrown into the light to expose not only their discrepancies, but also the legal loopholes that need plugging so the richest pay the same proportion in taxes as the poorest.

Anthony Harrington