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Letter: We’d all be better off obeying Golden Rule

We’d all be better off obeying Golden Rule

God seems to have changed since I was young. When I attended St. Peter and Paul School in Hamburg in the 1950s, God was an Olympian presence, concerned with the big issues confronting humanity. There were 10 Commandments, each expressed as a simple sentence: “Thou shalt not kill,” “Honor your mother and father.”

Now, though, God seems to have a tendency to micromanage. Take birth control. I’ve never understood why God was so preoccupied with mothers having unwanted pregnancies. However, the rule was plainly stated: “Don’t use birth control.” Nowadays, that is not enough. Ask the Little Sisters of the Poor. The rule seems to be: “If you run a business or a charitable organization, make sure your employees don’t have access to birth control.” In fact, even that is not enough. A complementary rule says: “Do not sign a statement saying that you do not want to provide such coverage.”

Or gay marriage. I can appreciate a rule saying: “Don’t marry someone who is the same gender as you,” although I personally don’t see the harm in that. But that is also not enough. Now we have rules that say things like: “You can’t issue a marriage license to same-sex couples, even though the marriage is legal and you’re the one who issues such licenses.” Or: “Don’t bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples.” A compromise might be that the baker bake the cake and the couple put two grooms or brides on it, out of sight of the baker. But even that won’t do. If the baker finds out that the couple are the same sex, he can’t have anything to do with them.

How is it that God has so much time that he can attend to such nitpicking? Is it because of automation? For myself, I’ll stick to the original commandments and the Golden Rule.

Joe Gerken