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City Hallways (April 13): Still working on football security


City lawmakers continue talking with city police and parks officials on new rules being developed for youth football teams that play in city parks.

City police suggested that the league teams hire security for all games, freeing up Buffalo police, who say they too often find themselves at these games.

Council members recognize a need for security but don't want to force additional costs on already financially strained inner-city football teams.

So police and parks officials will keep talking, trying to come up with a plan to bring back to the Council.

The parking

Efforts also continue to address the Fruit Belt parking crunch. The Council is again asking the state Legislature to approve a residential parking  plan for the Fruit Belt, where nearby Medical Campus employees routinely park, making it difficult for residents to find a place for their own cars.

Different plans are being discussed, with some including limited street parking for Medical Campus workers in lower-paying jobs.

Presidential primary straw poll

You know the rules. You can vote in the Democratic or Republican primary, or both.

I'd truly appreciate if you would include your party affiliation. It's for analysis only.

And please, only one ballot per person.

[poll id="28"]

[poll id="29"]

[poll id="30"]


Countdown to New York primary news


Remember those compare and contrast papers from  high school and college days? Here's something like that I wrote for today's Buffalo News on the recent Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders rallies.

The latest poll found Clinton leading, but Sanders picking up strength; Trump remains strong.


Calendar items 

Big public hearings 2 p.m. Thursday in Council Chambers on proposals to assign historic landmark status to three buildings threatened with demolition. Landmark status would make demolition unlikely.

The buildings are:

  • The North Park library building on Hertel  and Delaware.
  • The Bachelor Building, Tupper and Franklin.
  • The Crosby complex on  Pratt Street.

In today's Buffalo News and on, I have story on testing kits the city is buying to help address Buffalo's lead paint problem.

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