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Lockport meth maker gets three years in state prison

LOCKPORT – Vincent E. McCabe, who was arrested for making methamphetamine in his home less than a month after pleading guilty to the same offense, was sentenced Tuesday to three years in state prison.

Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon tacked on two years of post-release supervision for McCabe, 35, of Elmira Street, Lockport. She gave him the same sentence on both crimes and ordered them to be served simultaneously.

McCabe pleaded guilty Dec. 7 to third-degree unlawful manufacture of meth, with the crime dating from a Jan. 14, 2015, police raid on his home. On Jan. 4, police raided the house again and found more meth and more lab equipment and ingredients. Tuesday, McCabe pleaded guilty to the same charge as he did the first time.

McCabe has a 2009 federal conviction for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. After that, he went completed a rehabilitation program. “I was doing good, and I threw it all away,” said McCabe, a married father of two. He added, “I do have the addiction, and I’ve been fighting it for 15 years. I want to apologize to my family.”

“All he was doing was poisoning himself,” defense attorney Scott Riordan said. “He knew this, but the addiction was so strong he couldn’t help himself. He never hurt anybody but himself.”

However, Assistant District Attorney John P. Granchelli said a charge is still pending against McCabe for allegedly injuring an officer during the Jan. 4 raid.