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Letter: Critics of ‘Park and Pray’ ignore Christian teachings

Critics of ‘Park and Pray’ ignore Christian teachings

A letter that recently appeared in this column praising “Park and Pray” has been received by the public with much criticism. Comments left by many of the readers were, to say the least, unsettling to read. What has our Christian world become? Perhaps those who responded need to pray themselves!

In a follow-up letter on April 6, the writer insinuates that people are too lazy to walk into a church. Well, dear Christian, have you given any thought to those with infirmities? What about the 80- or 90-year-old who no longer can walk, and wants to attend a church service? Or those in wheelchairs, or those who have had recent surgery and cannot walk or climb stairs? What about a single mom or dad who wants to attend a church service, but may have a disabled child who cannot be moved easily? Or maybe a total stranger to God would like to hear the word spoken and not be singled out.

These critics must be people who judge quickly, however, none of us has the right to judge another; only God can do that. In closing: Where do people pray? What would it be like to make your car holy ground?

Robert E. Lutot

Worship Chairman

Cleveland Heights Christian Church