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City Hallways (April 12) From my Bernie Sanders notebook

The Bernie Sanders Monday night rally

The Bernie Sanders Monday night rally

Where's Bernie?

Labor leader Larry Cohen, a former CWA president, came on stage at UB Alumni Arena  Monday evening, talked awhile about the  Sanders campaign being about working  people, then, to resounding applause, he introduced the candidate he said would be the next president of the  Unites States -  Bernie Sanders.

But there was no Sanders.

It'll be just a few more minutes, Cohen then told  the  crowd of 8,500 in Alumni Arena. Sanders, he explained, was outside the arena talking to the  3,000 people  who  didn't get admitted.

Cohen proceeded to lead the inside audience in some union-style sloganeering, until the crowd  began chanting for Sanders, who soon walked into the arena and took the stage.

How it happened

While walking around the Alumni Arena,  I ran into two of the students who  started the petition drive that brought Sanders to UB .

They were thrilled with the way things worked out.

"Oh my god. I had hope," said Josh Herman, 19, a sophomore.

UB students Josh Herman, left, and Dillon Smith, right,

UB students Josh Herman, left, and Dillon Smith, right,

"I  think  the 3,300  signatures helped,"  said Dillon Smith,  22, a junior.

Smith  was referring to the petition that Herman, Smith and their UB  Progressives organization circulated on campus that asked the Sanders' campaign to come to  UB.

The petition was  submitted April 5th to the UB  Student Association,  which presented it to the Sanders campaign  April 6th.  The following day,  Thursday, the Student Association and the Sanders campaign were talking. Friday, the plan was set.  And Monday, of course, Sanders was on campus.

"It's  been a good few years for  UB," another student told me  earlier  in the event. Three years ago, both Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama spoke at UB. Now, the university got a presidential candidate Monday night.


Presidential Primary Straw Poll

You know the rules. You can vote in the Democratic or Republican primary, or both.

I truly appreciate if you will include your party affiliation. It's for analysis  only.

And please, only one ballot per person.

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Count down to New York Primary news

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