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Wait for it: sights set on perfect weekend; sunny, highs near 70°

Do not adjust your monitor. This is happening.

After the coldest start to April since 2003, spring will be re-sprung later this week.

The National Weather Service forecast shows there's a few more chilly days to endure, but by Thursday the corner gets turned.


(National Weather Service)

And, extended forecasts by AccuWeather show there's no looking back.

The first steps will be getting through the early part of the work week with galoshes and parkas again though.

Here's how the upcoming week is shaping up, according to the National Weather Service:


About one-half inch of rain is forecast to fall in Buffalo through early Tuesday. A southerly flow of air will make it seem a little bit warmer than it's been in recent days but will bring rain most of the day ahead of an approaching cold front.

Rain showers were scattered around Western New York about 9:30 a.m. Monday. (NWS radar)

Rain showers were scattered around Western New York about 9:30 a.m. Monday. (NWS radar)

Behind the cold front, which is expected to arrive overnight, temperatures will drop back into the 30s.


Most of the day should be sunny and rain-free, but still cool. Temperatures bottom out at about 34 degrees between 6 and 8 a.m., recovering only into the low 40s during the day before receding again after dusk and dropping back below freezing overnight. The average daily high is 54 degrees.


Winter's last gasp brings a wake-up Wednesday in the upper 20s. There's a chance for flurries throughout the day and some sunshine. Temperatures will get into the 40s between noon and 7 p.m., dropping to about 35 degrees by midnight.


The 2:05 p.m. first-pitch forecast for the Buffalo Bisons' opener at Coca-Cola Field looks like this: sunny skies, 49 degrees with a light northeast wind of 8 mph. The mercury should make it to 50 degrees throughout the afternoon but drop back through the 30s with clear skies forecast overnight.


The first above-normal high temperature since a 60-degree reading early on April 1 is expected. Sunny skies prevail with temperatures forecast to go up to 57 degrees. The normal high for the date is 55 degrees. It'll be clear overnight again with lows in the upper 30s.

Saturday and Sunday:

The payoff.

In the words of forecasters at the weather service, who say they have "unusually high confidence with the forecast":


In weather terms, it has to do with a strong ridge of high pressure that "will result in an extended period of fair dry weather."

But the bottom line, forecasters say, is:

Sunny days, "with lower 70s a strong possibility."


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