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Kasich, in Albany, warns that Republicans will lose State Senate if Trump or Cruz is nominated

ALBANY – Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich, who made the rounds at the State Capitol on Monday, warned that Republicans are at risk of losing control of the State Senate if he is not the GOP nominee for president.

“I will tell you, the majority in the New York State Senate will not be a majority with the other two guys being the nominee of the party,” Kasich said of his GOP opponents, New York billionaire businessman Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“We need to get these people, these critics, to get behind me and get their people to drop out.”

Kasich made his comments before heading into a more than half-hour private meeting with Senate Republicans in a third-floor conference room in the Capitol. He did not elaborate on the remarks he made to reporters and, after the closed-door meeting, declined to take further questions.

It was a busy day for White House aspirants in Albany. After Kasich left the Capitol for town hall-style stops in nearby suburbs, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders filled an old state armory near the Capitol to bash everything from Wall Street corporations to Hillary Clinton, his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As he routinely does, Sanders criticized the former secretary of state for the way she has financed her campaign with large corporate donations, compared with his average contribution of $27, as well as for her vote to authorize the war in Iraq. “Secretary Clinton, who was your senator from New York,” Sanders said to boos from the audience, “she voted for that disastrous war.”

Trump also was heading to Albany for an evening event at a large sports and entertainment arena.

Like Kasich, the Trump campaign was trying to schedule a private meeting before the speech with Republicans who control the State Senate.


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