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City Hallways (April 11) Vote in our Primary Straw Poll

City Hallways straw poll

The presidential primary is coming up. Let's vote now.

Who do you want: Hillary or Bernie?  Cruz or Kasich or Trump?

As always, the poll is open to everyone. You can vote in the Democratic primary, the Republican or both.

But please, only one ballot per person; and if you include your political  affiliation, I'm forever grateful. It's for analysis only.

The poll will be up all week. Results will be announced next Monday.


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Notes  from Friday's Hillary Clinton rally

Security at the Hillary Clinton rally was much more intense than at the Bill Clinton one earlier in the week.

With Bill Clinton, media preregistered, and once getting to the venue, showed a press photo ID to someone sitting  at the front desk. The front desk person made sure your name was on the list, then let you in. That's it.

At the Hillary Clinton rally, the preregistration and desk check-in were the same, but this time, one security guy then checked my purse while another told me to hold my arms out, then scanned me with a wand before letting me in. It was the same routine for everyone.

There also was a police dog checking things out. The dog had a sign on him that said: "Do not pet."

More notes from the Hillary rally

One of biggest applause lines of the event went to Assemblyman Sean Ryan's crescendo-style rally cry that went something like this:

-Are we ready to elect Hillary Clinton? Applause.
- Are we ready to elect a woman  president? A louder applause.
-Are we ready to elect someone who can find Buffalo on the map? A bit louder applause.
-Are we ready to elect Hillary Clinton, who will eviscerate Trump in November?  Lots and lots of  much louder applause.

And one more...

Just about the entire Buffalo state legislative contingent addressed the rally. In addition to Ryan, Assemblywoman Crystal-Peoples Stokes helped rev up the crowd, as did state Sen. Tim  Kennedy.

Who wasn't among them? State Sen. Marc Panepinto, who recently announced he wasn't seeking re-election, and who is also under an ethics  investigation.

Also want to mention

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul was the only woman speaking at the Bill Clinton rally last week.

Hillary Clinton's rally was different.

The women speaking at Hillary rally:  Hochul, Peoples-Stokes, a campaign coordinator, and a 19-year-old woman who introduced the candidate (I didn't get names of those last two) and the candidate herself.

The men speaking at Hillary rally: Ryan, Kennedy, County Chairman Jeremy Zellner, Mayor Byron Brown, County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster.

Countdown to NY primary news

Bernie Sanders rally tonight at UB. I plan to be there tweeting. Follow us at #campaign2016 or @sue_schulman

Protests planned during Trump's Buffalo visit

Trump rally postponed. Now set for Monday night, not Sunday night.

Calendar Items

Council pre-meeting caucus this afternoon.

I  have story in today's Buffalo News and on, on the youngest voters supporting Bernie Sanders, the oldest candidate.

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