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Poem of the Week: Admonition: Landscape with Woman and River by Christina Wos Donnelly

“Bring on the wonder.

Bring on the song.” – Susan Enan By Christina Woś Donnelly


Ignore the lime green blonde, her sour expression,

and the whiny choir of aging atheists

on our forced march into darkness and strobing flowers.


Summer escapes the canopied trees.

Everything fears hungry nature,


as the red-tail hawk elopes 

with another transient goose

relinquishing hope in his taloned embrace,

and the sunset bleeds into the water.


Embrace the wonder.

Embrace the song,

the intimate river in its elusive race,

the footsore, wayward guest,

the beggar poet,

the reluctant, intractable heart.


Embrace the lovers, so utterly lost

in their moment, this moment,

which has to mean everything.

Embrace the future,

that implacable drum.

When tilting with poppies,

the poppies always win. Contributor’s Note: CHRISTINA WOS DONNELLY will join poet Marjorie Norris in the next Wordflight at Red Doors Series reading at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Parkside Lutheran Church, 2 Wallace Ave. She is the author of two chapbooks of poetry: “Venus Afflicted: Poems 1999-2002” and “The Largely Unexpurgated History of Scheherazade” (Moon in Blue Water Productions).