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Letter: Support for Trump is an embarrassment

Support for Trump is an embarrassment

I am greatly amused that Rep. Chris Collins continues his blind allegiance to presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Even after Trump’s latest gaffes – women should be punished for abortions, nuclear arms in Europe, “riots” if he is not nominated, etc. – Trump’s puppy dog Collins keeps on supporting The Donald and now is going to be his co-chair for the House Leadership Committee.

Is multimillionaire Collins so enamored with multibillionaire Trump that no matter what Humpty-Trumpty says, he will obey and follow? Is Collins really so hard up for publicity that, no matter that 63 percent of the country has an unfavorable view of Trump, our congressman continues to do national interviews in support of Trump?

Yes, let’s make America great again and have New York State “dump Trump” on April 19. And Collins: Stop embarrassing Western New York.

Mark Jones