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Letter: People will survive without plastic bags

People will survive without plastic bags

Haven’t we beaten this issue to death yet? How in the world could readers be so opinionated on such a non-issue? Certainly plastic grocery bags can be recycled, reused or even saved to make next year’s Christmas decorations.

The real point, though, is why do so many people want and so many stores provide disposable plastic bags? Understand that the use of these is a relatively new phenomenon. How did we get by without them 15 or 20 years ago?

Just bring your own tote bags and pass up on using plastic grocery bags. Believe it or not, this has worked very well in other countries (Canada for one), and at other stores even here in New York State.

Even in cities like Austin, Texas, plastic bags have been banned and customers still seem to get their food home just fine.

Just keep some reusable bags in the trunk of your car and take them into the store when you do your grocery shopping.

Bob Wiltshire