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Letter: It’s sad to see Collins stand behind Trump

It’s sad to see Collins stand behind Trump

Now we see the latest cry for acknowledgment from Rep. Chris Collins. He is “firmly” behind Donald Trump in his presidential run. I’m wondering if Collins was as “firm” in his backing of Jeb Bush? Would he follow Ted Cruz just as willingly, or John Kasich?

This is proof of politicians playing favorites at the voters’ expense. For a sitting congressional representative to voice his opinion for such a demagogue as Trump, one who is brazenly bigoted to worker rights, women, etc., is a sad example for Western New Yorkers. But since both of them have or had Chinese labor making them millionaires, it’s no surprise they are in bed together.

Next week, we in New York have a primary in which to vote. May we all look honestly and think of our communities and who and what we want representing us.

Doug Nicholson