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Letter: All who prescribe meds should enroll in course

All who prescribe meds should enroll in course

The April 6 News article by Lou Michel, about needing more doctors to help stem the tide of the heroin epidemic, caught my attention for a specific reason. Gale Burstein, the Erie County health commissioner, said that an 8-hour certification course was going to be available to doctors, primarily primary care physicians, so they can prescribe Suboxone to people with addictions.

While most people see their primary care physicians more than other doctors, I think this course should be mandatory for every doctor, surgeon, specialist, nurse practitioner and physician assistant who is able to write prescriptions for pain meds. It is not just PCPs who prescribe pain medications. If you have chronic pain or have had surgery, you would be following up with your specialist, not your PCP. They, too, prescribe pain medication. And depending on the problem, you can be seeing them for months of follow-up and become dependent on pain medication.

I applaud The News for keeping the public abreast of what’s being done to stem this epidemic. I also applaud Burstein for her work in trying to stem this horrific epidemic. Please keep educating the public.

Lucille Wozniak

West Seneca