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Clinton, Trump shown to have double-digit leads in N.Y. poll

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to hold double-digit leads over their challengers as the April 19 New York presidential primaries approach, according to a Fox News poll released Sunday.

The poll shows Clinton topping Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by 53 percent to 37 percent among likely Democratic voters. Meantime, Trump won the support of 54 percent of likely Republican voters in the poll, compared with 22 percent for Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich and 15 percent for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

In short, the coming primaries in New York may be the most fiercely contested and important that the state has seen in decades, but neither race seems particularly close at this point.

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“Sanders has a lot of work to do if he’s going to make this race a close one,” Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducted the poll along with Republican Deron Shaw, told Fox News. “He’s currently losing among every demographic group with the exception of men and voters under age 45. Many more middle-age New Yorkers are going to have to ‘Feel the Bern’ for Sanders to have a chance of catching Clinton.”

Women, minorities and older voters are powering Clinton to her lead, according to the poll, which found that the former New York senator and secretary of state leads by a 61 to 30 percent margin among women and a 56 to 37 percent margin among nonwhites.

Sanders had a lead of 4 percentage points lead among men and a 9-point edge among voters younger than 45, while Clinton held a 27-point lead among voters older than 45.

Clinton led by 19 points downstate and a smaller margin upstate, the poll found.

The poll was good news for both Clinton and Trump in that it showed them both over 50 percent. Under the rules governing the primaries, candidates who receive more than 50 percent of the vote in a congressional district will get all of the delegates from that district. Delegates chosen statewide will also go to the winner if he or she is above 50 percent.

The poll found Trump to have a widespread lead despite weeks of controversy and a recent campaign shake-up. It found that the New York billionaire businessman leads among both men and women and with voters of every age group, every income level and every level of educational attainment.

Trump leads with the support of 59 percent of men and 49 percent of women. And while Trump leads among college graduates, his lead is 13 points bigger among those without a college degree.

Women powered Kasich into second place. While he and Cruz receive about the same level of support from men, 26 percent of the Republican women polled favored Kasich, compared with 14 percent for Cruz.

“It’s not just the statewide results that offer bad news for Cruz,” Shaw told Fox News. “Even outside of New York City and its suburbs, he’s running way behind Trump and even a tad behind Kasich. That means Trump could sweep nearly all of the state’s delegates.”

Fox News did the poll from April 4-7. The poll of 801 likely Democratic primary voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. The poll of 602 likely GOP primary voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 points.


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