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Power Take: Trash talk by Taylor’s agent doesn’t make any sense

Adisa Bakari, the agent for Tyrod Taylor, said problems with discipline and defense were big reasons the Bills missed the playoffs last season. This isn’t an earth-shattering revelation.

But why say it on a national radio show? Does Bakari expect us to believe that Taylor was a budding Joe Montana whose weak supporting cast prevented him from making a Super Bowl run?

Bakari believes his client deserves elite quarterback money. That’s his job. But it was weak of him to trash Taylor’s team in the process. That can’t help Taylor as he attempts to become more of a team leader for the Bills.

Taylor did well in his first year as a starter. But he didn’t win games on his own. His only fourth-quarter comeback came at Tennessee, after he did nothing for three quarters. He didn’t throw for 300 yards in a game. The Bills were 0-5 when he threw 30 or more passes in a game.

The Bills need to see more before they make a huge financial commitment to Taylor. He still has to prove he’s a franchise quarterback. Oh, and his agent ought to know that franchise QBs don’t point fingers when they lose.

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