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Letters for April 10

Wright showed some class when final shot was made

Besides the final two shots that obviously will leave a lasting memory from the Villanova win over North Carolina in the recent NCAA Championship game, two other images will forever be ingrained in my subconscious from that great game. It’ll be the images of the reactions of coaches Jay Wright and Roy Williams after the final shot went in.

The utter disappointment evident in Williams’ face and in my mind, the more candid sense of shock but still great humility from Wright as he walked over to shake hands with the North Carolina coach shows what that game was all about.

Jay Wright would have been completely justified in showing uncontrollable emotion and happiness as his team did after the victory but his respect for Coach Williams and the way he must have felt certainly played into Wright’s reaction.

It was enough to make Jay Wright one of my favorite college basketball coaches going forward.

Not so much for how he coached his team to victory but for how he reacted afterwards.

Dale Slisz


When it comes to uniforms, the letters do matter

Seeing the Buffalo News front page, a UB student with a bold “Buffalo” on his jersey sure refreshed my sense of community, despite the lack of it on national TV when UB basketball jerseys had boldly printed “New York” on them.

Funny how media writers and sportscasters support Buffalo while others’ focus is elsewhere.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

Quarterback should be top priority in draft

The NFL Draft is April 28, and the Bills have the 19th pick. Their No. 1 priority should be to trade up to get one of the three quarterbacks that are likely to be taken in the first round, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch.

I don’t think the Bills can make the playoffs or go any further with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback. Doug Whaley should try and move up in the draft and go after one of those QBs.

Drafting a defensive player is very important, but in the NFL, you have to put points on the board or your defense will spend most of the day on the field.

Rich Pietrykowski

Springboro, Ohio

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