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Letter: Lawmakers ought to adopt revenue-neutral carbon tax

Lawmakers ought to adopt revenue-neutral carbon tax

As an advocate for legislation aimed at stabilizing our climate, I find myself in the odd position of defending the fossil fuel industry, at least on one point. As reported recently, about a dozen state attorneys general are considering action against fossil fuel producers on the basis that they knew about the impact of carbon emissions on the climate, but misled the public and their investors.

Citizens Climate Lobby advocates with members of Congress for a revenue-neutral carbon tax and dividend approach to stabilizing the climate. Guess who else advocates a revenue-neutral carbon tax as the best method of pricing carbon and attacking global warming? ExxonMobil. On the company’s web page, readers can find a statement concerning the Paris climate conference, in which ExxonMobil says exactly that – and more, on the subject of climate change.

Are the attorneys general grandstanding? Who knows? But in the grand scheme of things, with so much at stake, is it wise to be alienating an entire sector of the economy, some of whom agree that we have a problem and who are, I suspect, ready to invest their considerable capital in the shift to a clean energy economy?

The attorneys general have prosecutorial discretion. They ought to think long and hard about the wisdom of this course of action.

Ron Scott

Buffalo Area Chapter

Citizens Climate Lobby