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It seems to us: High price of recreation, fake cop meets the real thing and subway fare distress

Does anybody think it’s odd that just as the New York State Legislature passed a budget that studiously avoided imposing a tuition increase for SUNY students, three officers of the Student Association at the University at Buffalo are calling for a new fee of $131 per semester?

The levy would help to create new recreational opportunities for UB’s students and would come on top of the $267 they already pay, though that money mainly goes for Division I athletics, not to students at large.

It may be a worthy goal, but there is no doubt that, at some not-too-distant point, it will be supplemented by an increase in tuition. It will be interesting to hear the conversation then.

So, a driver in Somerset, Pa., saw the flashing lights on the car parked diagonally across the road. She saw the road flares, as well, and dutifully pulled over. Logan Shaulis approached her and identified himself as a member of the “drug and alcohol division.” He demanded to see her identification.

Then things went wrong – for Shaulis.

The real police arrived.

At that point, Shaulis tried to hand a passenger in the car a BB gun – really – saying he couldn’t be caught with it.

Shaulis, 20, was himself charged with drunken driving, possessing instruments of crime and impersonating a public servant. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

His lawyer says he has completed substance abuse treatment while awaiting sentencing in June. No word yet on the possibility of a brain transplant.

Seems Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, despite their New York City ties, are having a bit of trouble figuring out the city’s subway system. Clinton, whose campaign headquarters is in Brooklyn, had to take a few swipes before her MetroCard would work.

Sanders did not even know fare cards are being used. He told the New York Daily News editorial board he could just use a token. When told his answer was wrong (tokens were phased out 13 years ago), the Vermont senator and Brooklyn native quickly corrected: “You jump over the turnstile.” To which the Daily News responded: “We would like our photographer to be there when you jump over the turnstile.”

Both Democratic presidential hopefuls will be happy to know that the Metro Rail payment system in Buffalo is a lot less complicated. A lot shorter ride, yes. But easy to operate. All aboard!