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Letter: Need for public financing of campaigns is apparent

Need for public financing of campaigns is apparent

Hillary Clinton will probably win in November. For my Democrat friends, this will disappoint many of you. No, she’s not as likable as Bernie Sanders. Or close to as authentic. I’d ask, though, that you remember to separate the person from the policies. Remember what makes you a Democrat, and ponder the consequences of not turning out in November.

For my Republican friends who think electing Clinton will bring about the apocalypse, sorry. There’s really no helping you. In order to become relevant again in national elections, Republicans have to stop demanding their candidates act and speak with the gravitas of a Ted Nugent meme. This could be a winning strategy – if there were no women voters.

For anyone who can’t stand any candidate on either side, be sure to support public financing of campaigns. And demand Citizens United be overturned.

Steve Spillman