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Letter: Family leave will burden employees at small firms

Family leave will burden employees at small firms

The new Family Leave Act in New York State will most certainly help out those individuals who need to take care of their ailing family members, but managers of companies need to be aware of what effect it may have on remaining personnel within their firms.

It’s one thing to cover for an employee of a small to medium company who goes on vacation for a week or two; it’s another thing to expect the existing support staff to do this for up to 12 weeks.

In many instances in small companies, departments are made up of only two or three people, and losing a member of that department for an extended period of time will certainly add stress to the remaining staff.

Management must do whatever is necessary, whether it be filling in with temporary employees or reorganizing existing duties, to ensure that current staff does not fall victim to excess workloads and all of the consequences that it may entail.

We may see that not only employees who need the Family Leave Act will be absent from work for a while as they take care of their family; we may also see an uptick in employees having to take time off to take care of themselves.

Dale Slisz