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Sabres send satisfaction survey to season-ticket holders

Sabres season-ticket holders spoke up this week about what’s been bothering them. Now the NHL is seeking more opinions.

The Sabres, along with the other 29 teams in the league, have sent some season-ticket holders a link to a survey that includes questions about the overall experience and reasons for possible nonrenewal; gauges interest in team events unrelated to hockey; and asks the fans to rate the importance of several aspects of being a season-ticket holder and their satisfaction level as it relates to those aspects.

Sabres season-ticket holders expressed dissatisfaction in their treatment by the team and the game-day experience in Sunday’s “Inside the Sabres” column.

Sample survey questions:

*How important do you consider each of the following aspects of being a season ticket member? How satisfied are you with the following aspects of being a season ticket member? (Following each question, fans are asked to rank each aspect from 1-Not at all important to 10-Extremely important.)

Team is headed in the “right direction”

Affordability of attending a game (inclusive of all costs)

Flexibility of payment options offered by team

Location of your seats

Ability to resell your tickets when not attending the game

Playoff ticket priority

Exclusive season ticket member perks, benefits, gifts and events

Recognition of tenure as a season ticket member

Value and benefits of being a season ticket member meet or exceed the price paid

The overall gameday experience

Sense that you are valued by the organization

Affordability of the tickets

Season ticket discount versus individual game pricing

*To what extent does being a Buffalo Sabres season ticket member meet your expectations? (Fans are asked to rank from 1-Falls short of my expectations to 10-Exceeds my expectations.)

*How satisfied are you with your overall experience as a season ticket member? (Rank from 1-Not at all satisfied to 10-Extremely satisfied.)

*How likely are you to recommend purchasing a similar season ticket package to a friend or colleague? (Rank from 0-Not likely at all to 10-Extremely likely.)

*Aside from the Buffalo Sabres on-ice performance, what are the primary reasons you may not renew your season ticket plan for next season? (Fans are asked to select up to five of the following reasons.)

Negative behavior of fans during the game

Too inconvenient when bringing kids to the game

Lack of exclusive benefits and access (e.g., all inclusive hospitality, VIP parking)

Issues with traveling to/from arena

Inclusion of preseason tickets in season ticket package

Unable to attend enough games to make it worth it

The sense that I am not valued by the organization

I cannot resell any of my tickets because they are posted for cheaper prices on the secondary market

Not satisfied with the overall entertainment experience at the game

Lack of adequate internet connectivity at the arena

I prefer watching the game on TV

Not enough of a family atmosphere (e.g., Kids Zone, family bathrooms, etc.)

Not satisfied with the frequency of promotional nights/offers

The price exceeds the value and benefits of being a season ticket member

No longer fits my personal schedule/lifestyle

Affordability of tickets/overall cost of attending a game

Dissatisfied with location of seats

I can buy tickets for games I want on the secondary market

Moved out of area

Team is not headed in the “right direction”

No perceived demand for tickets in the marketplace (e.g., partners, employees)

Poor food and beverage options

Other (please specify)

None of the above

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