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Winter-like weekend in Buffalo to be colder than Alaska, Greenland; only 'nuisance' snow expected

National Weather Service forecasts show this unusually cold start to April will continue into next week.

That's because a trough of cold Arctic air is being squeezed southward across eastern Canada down into the northeastern United States.

Temperatures in the Buffalo Niagara region will remain nearly 20 degrees below normal with daytime highs in the 30s and overnights in the lower 20s, the forecast shows.

Forecasters expect snow showers between late Thursday through Saturday but significant accumulations aren't likely.

The unusual cold snap is being generated by a pair of ridges of warmer weather in the far west, and over Greenland, that are helping to funnel cold Arctic air southward into the Great Lakes region.

"Persistent ridging" from eastern Siberia to the Yukon in Canada and another ridge over Greenland has helped "lock a deep trough" of cold air over the eastern portion of Canada. It has also helped push a counter-clockwise circulation of cold air south through Canada into the U.S.

It's just part of the overall weather pattern we're stuck in for now.


Watch the cold air deepen this weekend in a forecast that shows sub-freezing conditions as far south as North Carolina at the same time that Labrador, Canada enjoys readings near 40 degrees. (

"There will be a very anomalous ridge at both locations, from the far west of us and the far east of us," said Dave Zaff, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Zaff said the anomalous trough of cold is found in between. That's where we are.

"The air that we'll have will essentially be coming from the Arctic," Zaff said.

This weather anomaly has set up a strange forecast for the weekend that has places like Fairbanks, Alaska and Nuuk, Greenland expected to be warmer than Buffalo.


Forecast for Nuuk, Greenland. (Google)


Forecast for Fairbanks, Alaska through Sunday, April 10. (NWS)

Forecast for Fairbanks, Alaska through Sunday, April 10. (NWS)


Forecast for Buffalo, N.Y. through Sunday, April 10. (NWS)

Forecast for Buffalo, N.Y. through Sunday, April 10. (NWS)


So far, April - at an average temperature of 32 degrees - has run nearly 9 degrees colder than average.

It's been eight degrees colder than the average temperature for March, which was 39.9 degrees, and more than 10 degrees colder than December's record-breaking 42.1 degree average.

But there is some good news: spring will return. Eventually.

Another turn toward chilly weather during the middle of next week "should not be as cold as recent events," forecasters said, "as the true Arctic air should largely be 'tapped out.'"


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