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Letter: Expats reaping benefits Buffalonians worked for

Expats reaping benefits Buffalonians worked for

As a lifelong resident of Buffalo, I have been privileged to witness the renaissance this city is experiencing. I am proud to welcome back friends and family who’ve left the “big city” to be part of the rejuvenation of our beloved Buffalo. I embrace their return, but I don’t credit them for the changes they are now enjoying.

The “Expats to Repats” series features Buffalonians who have made the choice to leave overworked and underpaid lives to reap the benefits Buffalo offers. Affordable housing, changing seasons, neighborhoods with shops and restaurants – these are just a few of the amenities they can enjoy. It’s a good life. And we’ve worked for it.

What about the local corporations, small business owners, young professionals and civil servants who did not leave in the face of a challenge? The rejuvenation of this city didn’t happen overnight. It has been through the hard work of this passionate community.

I challenge The News to highlight individuals and companies who have been in Western New York through it all, who chose to invest in Buffalo and make it better through hard work and dedication. We, as a city, need to rise above a mentality where it’s newsworthy when celebrities or expats choose to visit Buffalo or make it their home. While I agree that it’s a testament to the amazing place we live, instead of praising their return, we should be asking what took them so long.

Moira Giammaresi