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Canadian group Nikki’s Wives proves its potential with new EP, ‘ForE-V-E-R’

“ForE-V-E-R,” an EP by Canadian group Nikki’s Wives, is a spectacular electronic/pop album. The vocals and instrumentals are full of energy and effort.

Nikki’s Wives is an up-and-coming band from London, Ont. Frontwoman Nikki Whitehead is backed up by Dylan Lauzon on guitar and Nate Baylor on drums.

The band has a local connection. “ForE-V-E-R,” was recorded at GCR studio in Buffalo and the group has performed a few times at the Sportsmen’s Club in Buffalo. Nikki’s Wives also was the opening act for John Legend at the Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Pre-Game Show in San Francisco.

The first track, “ForE-V-E-R,” starts with an epiclike intro, sparking the listener’s interest with a deep beat and Whitehead’s voice giving a full effort and great performance. She tells about how her partner is affecting her immensely; “What have you done to me?” she asks. “I’m tossing and turning for you.” The instrumental is unique, especially at the end, when it fades out.

“Lonely Being Cool” has a favorable tempo, and is catchy. Whitehead sings that it’s “lonely being cool” – the lyrics are a bit confusing, but it could be that, due to her status, she doesn’t feel she is favored by many. Even though the message sounds negative, the song is still fun to listen to, with its fast pace and unforgettable hook.

“Fight Song” begins with a heavy beat, and the lyrics give the listener an image of a boxing ring. “Ring the bell, I’m coming now swinging, I’m seeing red.” It sounds as if the singer is telling about how she’s trying to keep her feelings down and not show them. She reiterates that by singing: “I’m fighting, scratching, bleeding” – almost like she’s at a physical fight with her emotions. The electronic rhythm and story keeps the listener intrigued.

The fourth track, “Another Lie” is also a fast-paced one. Whitehead goes right into the story of why she broke up with her lover, who cheated on her, and is now moving on. Trumpets in the background are perfectly intertwined with the singer’s vocals and other instrumentals. This song is highly likable, you’re practically dancing to it. The saxophone at the end makes it even better.

With a short piano intro, “Fantasize” is a bit slower than the other songs. Whitehead sings about how she tries to get on the same page as her partner, but fails. She wants her partner to “give her the real thing” and not “fantasize.” Accompanied by snaps and minor beat, “Fantasize” is a nice song to listen to.

“Ghost” is a ballad about a past lover “haunting” the singer. She tries to forget about it, but to no avail. A dark and slow beat plays out through most of the song, along with eerie background vocals giving its full effect.

“ForE-V-E-R” shows that Nikki’s Wives is a very talented group with major potential.

Dariene Siefert is a junior at Grand Island High School.